As of July 2021, Twitter boasts of having  206 million active users from all over the world and has been continuously and significantly growing since 2006. Despite being one of the most influential social networking sites, there are still a few users – especially the new ones – who don’t have enough knowledge on how to search on Twitter. If you are one of the few, here are 10 advanced Twitter search tricks that will also help you how to trend on Twitter.

01. Typing the URL of Website or Blog

If you have a website or blog, get its URL and type it on Twitter’s search tool to find out if there are users who mentioned, shared, or just tweeted something related to your site.

02. near:”city state” keyword or near:(name of city) within:(distance)

You can use the tool to know the latest news or information in specific areas near you by typing near” city-state” and a keyword. For instance, when you type near: “New York City, New York” bar, then Twitter will provide you with the current tweets, which contain the keyword, within the location you have specified on your query.

You can also type, near: New York City within:1km.

03. Interesting Keywords to Find People

Type keywords that are interesting for you to find people who you may want to follow because they share the same or similar interests as you. You can also use the syntax from the :(username) to search for a particular person.

04. -filter:links

In cases when you do not like tweets that contain links, you can type a keyword and at the end, add -filter: links to complete your search inquiry. For example, Barbie dolls-filter: links.

05. -RT

Another way to use the Twitter search better is getting the most updated results that do not have retweets. By typing a keyword and adding -RT at the end of your search query, Twitter will present you a list of original tweets.

For example, if you want to have the latest original posts on Barbie Dolls, you type Barbie Dolls -RT. This is useful if you are looking for something specific and popular. This is also a way on how to trend on Twitter.

06. keyword since:(year-month-day) or until:(year-month-day)

If you want to search for content on specific dates in the past, you can type keyword since:(year-month-day) to get tweets after a certain date. If you place news since:2021-09-18, then the results will show tweets that happened after that day.

To get tweets until a certain day, you type news until:2021-09-18.

07. (keyword) source:txt

It is also possible for search results to post tweets that have been sent through SMS. You just have to type a specific keyword, then add source: txt. For example dogs source: txt.

08. (keyword) + gif

If you want to look for a fun and interesting graphic interchange format (more commonly known with acronym GIF), type a specif keyword, the add + gif. For example, dogs + gif.

09. Advanced Search

But if you do not want to remember the search operators or syntax previously mentioned, you can always rely on Advanced Search where you can type all the keywords to help you with your search queries.

10. Use of #Hashtags for Searching

Perhaps, this is the most effective and easiest way to look for popular topics or get the latest updates on certain events. With the use of (#) and keywords without space, you will have a lot of tweets related to that specific keyword/s.

For example, if you want to know the most updated details on the 2020 Olympics, you can type #Olympics2020.

Typing a specific keyword on the Search Bar shows numerous results that are categorized into five sections and these are TOPLIVEACCOUNTSPHOTOS, and VIDEOS. You can use some of the results to your advantage since it is one of the many ways on how to trend on Twitter.

You can share the latest events, news, trends, and other interesting information within your place by tweeting and adding a hashtag to reach a lot of users and make it more appealing for them.

According to Twitter as stated in Mashable, the results are based on algorithms and are not selected by the social media platform itself.

“We’ve built an algorithm that finds the tweets that have caught the attention of other users. Top Tweets will refresh automatically and are surfaced for popularly retweeted subjects based on this algorithm. We do not hand-select Top Tweets.”

If you like what Twitter has shown, you can save the search query by clicking on “More Options” found at the top of the search results, then choose and click “Save this Search” after.

For added information on how to trend on Twitter, it would be ideal to create your tweets with useful or funny information. By doing that, users tend to share it with other users or on other social media platforms since they think that people should know this or would be entertained because of the tweet.

As much as possible, do not post dull and ordinary tweets like sharing a photo of yourself carrying a bag. What do people care about your bag? Why should it be given attention? Unless you claimed that the bag had been previously owned by an alien, then it could attract users to like, comment or share.

If you have a Twitter account, then use it. Tweet as much as you can or maybe a few times every week. 

According to Computer Hope, “No one is going to follow someone they do not know who has not tweeted in months.”

Yes, it is your personal space, but don’t tweet if you are just going to complain or whine every now and then. Remember, you can’t please everybody. There will always be people who get annoyed or irritated by your non-stop fussing, causing your followers to stop following you.

As one of the most powerful social media sites, Twitter can be used to raise awareness especially when there is a need to tell the whole world about what is currently happening. Use it as a venue to influence other people in a positive way.