‘Keyword Strategy’ is a phrase you’re going to hear as you look to establish a reputation for your small business on the Internet – but what are they? Why are they so important to getting the word out about your company on the Web?

A Brief Overview of Keywords

Keywords are words that are associated with your business and the content across your website. Think of it in terms of what you would type into a search engine if you were to look for your business. If your company sells software, you would likely have the word “computer” or “software” throughout your website. This makes these terms keywords.

What Can Keywords Do for Me?

In many cases, you’ll find that keywords are naturally used throughout your website. After all, it’s hard to address your product or service without using industry terms.

However, keywords have an abundance of power on the Internet. Understanding what they can do for your website can give you an edge when it comes to digital marketing.

Keywords can help people on the Web find your business. Search engines like Google rely on keywords (among other website data) to make sure that users receive the specific information they desire. The more specific your keywords, the better they are. For example, using “virus protection software” as opposed to just “software” can be more efficient. It tells readers what the product does and provides valuable information.

How Do I Strategize?

There are a few ways you can jumpstart your keyword strategy. The first is to establish a goal – what do you want to achieve with your keywords? Are you attempting to draw more attention to your company as a whole, or a specific product?

Next, you need to design a plan for monitoring your keyword strategy’s progress over time. This means looking into analytics and finding out how people are interacting with your site – specifically your landing pages. How long are people spending on your website before leaving?

Finally, try to track your keywords over time to see which ones are performing well. Tracking keywords can let you know how bounce rate and conversion tie into specific words and phrases you use throughout your website.

Of course, there are more aspects to consider while mapping out a full keyword strategy. However, these tips can help you get started on brainstorming keywords and efficient ways to integrate them into your small business website. For more information on keywords, check out these 4 free keyword tools you can use today.